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July 30, 2007

Hello Donkey!

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Hey there !

 If you have managed somehow to cut through the world of technology and every day IT colloquy (read jargon), this will be an entertaining change if not an enlightening one indeed !.

Don’t be mislead by the creature seen on the left . It is not just  the dumb garbage eating ,ever humiliated beast that you think it is . This is an X-Ray-ed copy or a base template of an average IT professional like yours truly working somewhere behind the glassy windows of an IT company (words like Business Process Outsourcing, Solutions Provider, Consulting Expertise can be used interchangeably with no impact whatsoever) . This is just the most drilled down version of him, and also a meaningful insight of the kind of articles that you can expect from this blog which is no more well-informed than the animal itself.

The blog does not have any specifics or any set expectations that it promises to fulfill.  The articles will range from pure technical jargon(a must for survival in the world of today where everything is postfixed by the tag 2.0) , constructive criticism (targeted at people who specialize in servicedesk type of jobs disguised as process consultants), the donkey’s every finds consist of  the information in the world of technology that it crawls onto its back from the source over to its destination here ,some divine knowledge of mediocre IT programmers (not everyone can comprehend function pointers, memory allocation, delegates and indexers) and lots more.

The moot point or mantra for any piece of  information to appear  over here is “If its worth knowing it, the donkey makes sure it reaches you !”

more to come..

 First and Only piece of information available  about the author – an average IT professional some in the southern region of India whose exact whereabouts are not known yet, and who insists on calling himself “the divine donkey” who has as much purpose in life as the piece of page user manual that comes along with your new laser jet scanner that was read only by the person who was paid to find out the bugs in it.


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