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August 8, 2007

Apple or Microsoft ?

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X-Men III had a tagline …….. “Whose side will you be ? ” . The same applies for these tech giants as well. That Microsoft copied the Mac and based all its features on the same is  a de facto, and it continues to do that be it Vista vs OS/X or Zune vs IPod. But the question here is . Who is better ?. I just thought about some important consideration parameters that could be thought of while comparing them and rating the same.


The opinion is solely based on my readings and findings and history of these two companies. So lets see who eventually comes out on the top ! We just rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest

                                       Apple                          Microsoft

Technology                   9                                    8     

Innovation                   9                                    7

Market Penetration     6                                  9

Leadership                    9                                 9

Product Features        9                                  8

Business Acumen        7                                  9

User Support              9                                  7

Stability                       8                                  6

Fut ure                         8                                   9

Internet                        6                                  8

Growth                        6                                     8

“Cool” Factor             9                                     7    

Total                        95                                    95

A Tie it is ! wow , For heavens sake! the donkey had no idea when the ratings were being done that it would eventually end up being a lock . So it as it poised, both the giants have an equal chance of outdoing the other as of now , but whose line will be be neway?  …….. for once, even time wont be able to tell !


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