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August 6, 2007

WPF and XAML – Future of Desktop Development

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Windows Presentation Foundation aka WPF aka “Avalaon” aka “WinFx” coupled with XAML aka “Zammel”  is the future of developing rich UI applications. My personal experience of working with XAML since 1 month now has made me too acknowledge the same. Development has never been so easy, err.. Rich UI Development has never been so easy.

 Some quick key features listed here :

 1 Clear Separation of UI and Business Logic (no i mean a really really clear separation …no just on paper but on the screen as well)

2 Graphical Processing through GPU (thanks to Direct3D ) instead of overloading the CPU

 3 3D Application Development (The donkey just developed a 3d window that plays movies and can be rotated in X,Y and Zee)

 4 Effective use of “Declarative Programming” rather than “Procedural Programming”

5 Seamless integration with revolution microsoft products like the Expression Studio.

6 Enhanced Web Development with WPF/E (requires Silverlight plugin)

 There are many more but that will do as of now !! :0)

Some key features 


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