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July 31, 2007

Tech Support ….the way we do it

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Now thatz a familiar territory to all of us ! Technical Support  ! The primary source of our existence and only mode of survival. Everyone looks upto to our techies to solve their problems.


Well whatz the raison de success behind our ever so efficient support for user queries being thrown upon the 12,000 rupees a month (a phone line,headsets and free dinner included) guy who almost invariably solves the problem each time ?

Answer – Sympathy.

Our techie support guys  sympathize more with the user rather than showing interest in solving the problem. Heres how a typical conversation between an average to low intelligence possessing support personnel has with an absolutely computer naive unsuspecting user :

UU – Unsuspecting User , AIS – Average IQ Support guy

UU – Hello ?
AIS – Hello ? Hello ?
UU – Yes Hello ?
AIS – Hello ?
UU – Ok i have problems with sending my email today
AIS – Oh u have problems haan ! (being silent)
UU (baffled thinking isnt he going to ask more questions!) – Ok , i try to click the send button but it gives me an error message
AIS – Error Message ? What error message ?  are u  trying to send amail ?
UU (thinking wtf!) – YES , AND IT WONT GO. !
AIS – Okie ! , did u try clicking the button twice or more , sometimes it doesnt send the first time
UU – Yes I did , but it wont work
AIS – Did u try rebooting the machine, sometimes its a problem with the machine
UU – Yes I did that too , but the same problem
AIS – Same problem haan ? Ok let me check on my machine (Click..Clicka Click Click) . After a 5 minute pause and an impatient user . – But its working on my machine .
UU – Ok, what do i do now ?
AIS – ummm, what are u tryign to send ?
UU – Its a presentation zipped and attached
AIS – hmmm, weird problem ! Can you close your application and try again ?
UU (REALLY annoyed) – I TOLD U I DID THAT TWICE, but it wont work
AIS – OK ! Can you try sending a test mail to me ?
UU – Ok, (does so and that fails too)
AIS – See it failed !
UU – I already know that . whatz the solution? I am getting very late now.
AIS – I am not sure .Although I do understand your problem.
UU – Dont u want to know what error message is being displayed?
AIS – Yeah ok. what is the error message
UU – Unable to send mail due at location 0x5FCA7777. Size transmission error.
AIS – Ok there seems to be some machine related problem. Sorry but We dont support that
UU (about to lose it) – Hey ! Everything else works fine ! Hold on! Could it be that my mailbox quota is full and its not allowing me to send more mails because of it ? Can i try cleaning some of my mails and try sending again!
AIS- Yes I think u can try that .

UU tries and the same works just fine.


 A Better and more meaningful version of the above conversation can be seen it


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