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July 31, 2007

Reality Bites!

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Ever pondered over the fact why we are always listed and treated as a third world even in the field of technology !!! Yes , the donkey knows that it hurts to be a part of one ,but the sooner we accept the truth, the better for us to be able to rectify the same.  The Indian IT sector specializes in washing scum from the apparels of the west, and whatz more painful is that it even relishes it like a 6 year old on a half-eaten mango dolly ! . 


 Donkeys like me always ask the question to self and others ” Why dont we do anything in the field of product development and creation ?, Why do we invariably have to wait for THEM to create and wait like hungry hyenas and vultures waiting for lion to leave the carnal remains for us to consume? –

The answer is simple to understand but hard to swallow.  It is the fear of failure and the tendency to be satisfied with mediocrity. And it is not inborn . It is what is taught everywhere right from corporate firms to management schools and top IT companies. “Dont attempt something if u know that there is even a slightest possibility of failure” .

The donkey doesnt believe India is shining in IT.  99% of the work done by any Indian IT company can be drilled down to one single piece of work “Solving Change Requests (better known as CRs in Indian IT lingo) raised by a dumb business user sitting somewhere in his corner office in the States or Europe” – Thatz about all the work that is being done by Indian IT professionals (Terms like Due Diligence, Impact Analysis , Dependency Documents, Regression Testing, System Appreciation, Six Sigma and Resource Planning are all smaller pieces of a the big jigsaw that ultimately on being completed shows a simple harsh truth –

 “The Change Order has been successfully deployed on the production systems. Kudos to everyone ! Letz organize a project party to celebrate the occassion.Period”

 More to come ……………….


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  1. harsh reality which hits directly in the face

    Comment by another one from the same herd as u — August 3, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

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